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Dance Group

At Dapto Public School Dance Group is a very popular and important part of Creative and Practical Arts.

Dance Group usually participates in Wakakirri Dance Festival each year, and in the past we have also competed in JRock.

At Dapto, we have a long-standing tradition of production excellence and throughout our history of performing we have done very well in both the Wakakirri National Story Festival and JRock (Junior Rock Eisteddfod).

Dapto Public School Dance Group Performances Over the Years

2016 - Be Inspired

2015 - If

Previous years

Wakakirri 2014 performance - Rosie's Walk

Wakakiri 2013 - What's a Memory - 1st Place

Wakakirri 2012 performance - A Piece of Straw

Read more about our success.

Wakakirri 2011 performance - True inspiration

Wakakirri 2010 performance - Midas touch

Wakakirri 2008 performance - Rock on

Wakakirri 2007 performance - My hero

Wakakirri 2006 performance - Idol

“Idol” – 2006 – awarded ‘Silver’ prize (2nd place) at Wakakirri National Story Festival Grand Final at Sydney Entertainment Centre

Our story and performance were inspired by the popular reality television show of the time, “Australian Idol”. In our stage production, our main character was one of many ‘hopefuls’ to audition for the ‘television show’. We followed the journey of the main character as he faced and survived the elimination rounds to arrive, at the end, triumphant as the winner of ‘Idol’.

More images from this performance in the Wakakkiri performance gallery.