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Extensive research reveals that Music enhances and enriches physical, intellectual, spiritual and social development. Music plays a dynamic role in fostering self-expression, teamwork and leadership.

Our Music programs at Dapto Public School are flexible and varied. What is offered can change from year to year. All students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of musical activities that appeal to their creative side.

Throughout each year, opportunities arise that enable the whole school to appreciate different forms and styles of music. These performances vary, depending on what is available each year, but can include events such as:

  • Musica Viva – a wonderful program that exposes students to different cultures around the world and lets them become a part of a performance that uses an amazing variety of instrumental and vocal presentations.
  • Region Performing Ensemble – Showcases the many talented high school students in our region who present a wonderfully entertaining concert by travelling to schools with musicians, singers and dancers.
  • Concert Bands – many public schools have their own school bands and we love to host concerts that show our children what other primary students are achieving

We also provide many opportunities for our own students to perform, such as:


  • Choir – All students in years 3 to 6 have the opportunity to participate in the choir. Students are taught fun and interesting songs which are often accompanied by “choralography” (actions and use of props). Rehearsals are held during school time and performance opportunities are numerous. The choir performs to a high standard every year in the Southern Illawarra Music Festival. Choir members also perform for school functions such as ANZAC Day ceremonies, Presentation Day ceremonies, and other events that may occur during the year. When the opportunity arises, the Choir performs at retirement homes, in shopping malls for Christmas celebrations, and wherever they are wanted!
  • Talent Quest - These are often organised by teachers at the end of each year. All students K-6 have the opportunity to share their talents in categories such as singing, dance, instrumental, drama and comedy. This is a highly anticipated activity at the end of every year and the students, whether they are performers or audience members, look forward to this event.
  • For the past 8 years, Year One students have taken part in the Community of Schools Junior Music Day. This was an initiative of a Dapto Public School teacher, and involves 500 students from our local area coming together to perform, appreciate and socialise. 
  • Recorder Group – during our creative and practical arts groups, some teachers may offer recorder lessons to keen students. They are also given opportunities to perform when they reach an acceptable level of performance.
  • Presentation Days – all students K-6 are part of end of year presentation day performances for parents.

Other opportunities that have been offered in the past and may be offered in future years are:

  • basic keyboard tuition
  • glockenspiel group
  • small instrumental ensemble – comprising of students who learn an orchestral instrument outside of school hours
  • Upbeat Music Program
  • Percussion lessons 
  • Guitar lessons